Tree Surveys

Professional tree surveys in Essex

Risk management and tree preservation solutions.

Tree management consultancy

The Trees Plus team conducts regular tree surveys and over the years we have collected a lot of useful information about the various tree species and their growth rate, average height, health concerns, life expectancy and maintenance requirements. It is a good idea to understand all these before you plant trees in your property. We can also help you maintain fully grown trees as we can provide information on what to expect from them based on our records. Tree survey is most recommended when you have or are planning to construct a building nearby. 

We work in association with soil and root survey consultants plus local authorities for planning decisions related to trees being remedially maintained or even removed. Browse our recent projects. Contact us today for an inspection. 
Tree Preservation Order

Tree inspection

Ensure the health of your trees and safety of your property with regular thorough inspections. Our professionals also provide remedial solutions and advice.
Tree inspection

Tree Preservation Order

Tree care and surgery in conservation areas are governed by the Tree Preservation Order. Call us on 07973 202 400 for professional advice.
Trees Plus conducts regular professional tree surveys and can provide you information on various tree species in Essex. Call on
01277 352 033 or 07973 202 400
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