Seasoned Logs & Milled Timber

Get seasoned logs and milled timber in Essex

Wood products for domestic and commercial use.

Logs and lumber for sale

Get high-quality wooden boards, boules and logs throughout Essex. Whether you want wooden planks for flooring and cladding purposes or structural pieces to use during construction and for joinery works, we deliver custom orders according to your requirements. We also supply beams, posts and rails. Contact Trees Plus today for timber products.
Seasoned logs

Seasoned logs and milled timber

Keep warm during the winter with seasoned logs. We also supply custom-milled timber for building and construction purposes.
milled timber

Woodchip mulch

Our woodchip mulch finds its use in decorative landscaping and gardening. It also helps to retain soil moisture, reduce soil erosion and suppress weed growth.
Trees Plus supplies seasoned logs, milled timber and woodchip mulch throughout Essex. Call on
01277 352 033 or 07973 202 400
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